Ellen – Astjoch – Rastnerhütte – Ellen

Elle - Cima Lasta - Rif. Raistner - Elle

Tour itinerary:
Ellen – Farm Kreuzner– Astjoch – Starkenfeld Hut – Rastner Hut – Kreuzner

Just above the farm to the west, following the marker 67, past the hut Walder Alm. Outside the fence continue to the forestry road and follow it to the Kaser Hut. On the left, past the hut, continue to a small lake (2,108 m). Now towards northwest continue up to Astjoch (2,194 m). Descend westwards on the cart path (marker red-white 67), continue until Pluner Hut (Mountain Inn Starkenfeld, 1,936 m). Continue about 100 meters, then the a path (68) turns to the north to the Rastner Hut. Continue eastward through the gate on a narrow path along the pastures along the forest edge, then continue southeast on the wide cart path. Now follow the marker 67 back down (on the right Lofar Alm), on a wide trail to the Moas Alm (1,801 m), then after the creek (1,727 m) on the forest road back to the starting point.

Details regarding the excursion