Gampill and Astjoch


The two panoramic hills Astjoch (2190 m) and Gampill (2194 m – also called Campill) are located northeast over the inner Luson Valley and can be easily climbed. The long round tour requires endurance, but is not difficult and passes by several pastures.

Tour itinerary:
Drive to the church of Flitt and the nearby parking lot (1383 m). Now follow marker 2 partly on tracks, partly on the ancient paths through the wooded slopes eastward up to the Gampill meadows (about 1900 m) – at crossroads on the right still following maker 2 continue on an almost level slope to Geneider Alm (1913 m). Now on trail 2 up eastwards to the Jakobsstöckl (2026 m), turn left on the ridge to the Lärchneralm (2119 m) and to the summit of the Gampill (2190 m). Stunning views on Brunico and the Aurina Valley and superb views to the high peaks of the Zillertal Alps and the Group Rieserferner. – From Gampill follow the marker 10A to the northwest down to Astjoch Sattel (2103 m), along the ridge and moderately rising past the Ellener Cross to the Kaser Huts (2127 m) and easily continue to Astjoch (summit cross, 2194 m). Here also great views. – Descent: From Astjoch down on the south ridge to Kreuzwiesen Hut (1924 m; serving food and drinks), from there on a wide path (mark 2 A) along the forested slopes east and south across the Gampill meadows and back to Flitt.

Details regarding the excursion