Our farm

Our farm near the Plan de Corones – Dolomites

Fill your heart with happiness

There’s so much variety on offer in the Plan de Corones holiday region. But there are also lots of things to discover on Unterguggenberg farm…

Getting to know the farm

Life on the farm always starts early in the morning, while many of our guests are still sleeping peacefully in their beds. You’ll usually find Norbert in the stables, in the field, or somewhere around the farm complex. He’ll take you on a little tour of our farm, and you can even have fun helping out. Meanwhile, Elisabeth will give you a warm welcome when you arrive and take you to your holiday home. Are you looking for a good restaurant, or some interesting places to visit? Ask Elisabeth, she always has helpful advice for our guests!

Farm Terrace Cows Meadow Milking Meadow Geraniums Spring

Enjoy the sights and sounds of the farm

A sea of colourful flowers in the summer, an enchanting white world in the winter. Breathe in the crisp mountain air, relax in the garden and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, and enjoy the wonderful views of the Vedrette di Ries and Cima Nove.

View Milk Flower meadow Feel the farm

Experience life on a farm

Our cows and calves run around in their enclosure, our kittens Mina and Fritz purr with delight, and our free-range hens cluck happily. All our guests are warmly invited to share in the life of our dairy farm: you can help Norbert with the milking and watch the calves drink their milk, learn many interesting things about the farm, stroke the kittens and collect the freshly-laid eggs.

Apple juice Calf Potato harvest Cat Cherries Chicken

Enjoy our farm produce

Eggs from our free-range hens, fresh milk from our cows, organic potatoes from our fields and various organic vegetables can all be purchased* on our farm in the Dolomites. You are free to pick herbs from a raised bed in our garden, and use them to flavour your dishes.

Herbs Cabbage Vegetable garden Potato field Potatoes Cauliflower